Get paid to recruit parents

Get paid to introduce parents to our free programs that improve children's focus, and work ethic.


How to get paid recrutiingparents?

Here’s how you can make money inviting parents to our free support group

Step 1:

Tell parents about our free support group discussion and invite them to join.

Step 2:

Send us the parent’s contact information.

Step 3:

We add the parents to our group, and you get paid!

What is the Support Group for Parents?

Our support group, called the “Parents Roundtable”, is for parents of children ages 4 – 17. We provide free support, tips, advice, resources, and worksheets to improve childrens work ethic. Click below to learn more about the Parents Roundtable

Get paid $15 USD for every 10 parents

Invite parents to join our free sessions. Collect your money at the end of the month. We do cash pickup, bank transfer or PayPal.

We will give you a call after you message us

What do you have to do?

Get paid to invite parents

You get paid everytime we receive contact information of a new parent you are referring. You are expected to get consent from each parent before sending the information to us.

There is no commitment

You can start and stop referring parents at any time

You can start immediately

You can always ask to join our Parents Roundtable and experience what happens for yourself.

More about the Roundtable Discussion

Jaguar Academy hosts a free  “Parents Roundtable” discussion every Thursday at 7:00 PM EST. Parents of children for all ages can learn how to be more involved in their children’s education and fix behavioral problems with the help of our experts free of cost. 

This initiative is sponsored by a Non-Profit and we are compensating teachers to refer parents free of cost to this free weekly discussion. 

Get paid to recruit parents into this support group

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Frequently Asked Questions

How will I get paid for recruiting parents?

We can pay you via Bank Transfer, Cash pickup or PayPal in Jamaica, Trinidad, Antigua & Barbuda, Jamaica, St. Vincent, and St. Lucia,

When will I get paid?

We do payouts between the 1st and the 7th of every month.

Do parents I recruit have to pay for anything?

No. Parents are being recruited into a free initiative that is funded by a Non-profit, called the Parent’s Roundtable.