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Homeschool, Tailored for Each Student

Jaguar Academy makes it easy to homeschool your child with accredited teachers, through personalized, one-on-one education. 


Homeschool, Tailored for Each Student

Jaguar Academy provides homeschooling for your child with accredited teachers. Start with our personalized, one-on-one education. 


Nationally and Internationally Recognized

Jaguar Academy is recognized by the Ministry of Education, Sports and Creative Industries in Antigua & Barbuda. 

This allows us to teach students across the Eastern Caribbean with our platform, with the help of local partners & schools on each island.

Customized Learning on Your Schedule

Jaguar Academy stands apart by offering exclusive one-on-one classes with no pre-recorded lessons. Here’s how our learning works


Personalized Scheduling

Parents have the freedom to create a schedule that fits their child's lifestyle and learning pace.


Adaptive Teaching

Our qualified teachers develop personalized lesson plans based on the time slots you choose, ensuring each session is tailored to your child’s educational needs.


Flexible Makeup Classes

Missed a class? No problem. We easily reschedule missed lessons to ensure your child stays on track without any gaps in learning.

We created Jaguar Academy to provide affordable education to people like you

Transparent Pricing, Exceptional Education

Primary School

Student financing options are available

Short assessments every 2 weeks to monitor progress and adapt teaching methods to student needs.

Flexible scheduling options that allow students to learn at times that suit your family’s lifestyle.

Textbooks are provided.

Secondary School

MANDATORY: English & Mathematics

SELECT 2: Chemistry, Integrated Science, Biology, Physics, Integrated Mathematics

SELECT 2: Social Studies, Spanish, French, Digital Art, Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurship

Student financing options are available

Switch subjects and teachers free of cost.

Flexible scheduling options that allow students to learn at times that suit your family’s lifestyle.

Textbooks are provided.

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Our Families Speak for Us

Tenessia Hughes

Parent of a Grade 3 Student

Shania Clarke

Former Student

Frequently Asked Questions

No worries! Just let us know, and we’ll reschedule it at a time that works best for you. There’s no loss in learning as each class is tailored to your child’s progress and needs.

During the enrollment process, our team will work with you to establish a schedule that fits your family’s routine. You can adjust the hours as needed to ensure the best learning outcome for your child.

Meet Some of Our Teachers

Ms. Reid Russ, B.Ed.

Mr. Marly Joseph, M.Sc.

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