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Most of us have heard that to truly master Spanish, you need to live in a Spanish country for atleast 6 months. Can’t travel right now?

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$35 USD/month

Spanish conversation practice

Start in 3-4 days

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$57 USD/month

Spanish conversation, writing, and reading tests

Ready in about 2-3 days

Personalized Feedback on progress

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$119 USD/month

3 sessions per week

25-minute mock interviews and other scenario training

Start in under 48 hours

Priority Service Guaranteed

Available in English & Spanish

*SPECIAL OFFER – get Starter for $25. Only available between now and May 20, 2024.

What makes us different from Duolingo?

The best way to learn conversational Spanish is through conversation.

1-on-1 private lessons with highly-rated instructor

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Feedback on your progress every week

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As a working professional, get better at Spanish in 3 easy steps.

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Need to train your staff to speak Spanish?

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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer tutoring for Spanish and French

Our tutors are highly experienced and have been teaching for over 5 years. They have a great understanding of various reasons why someone will want to learn Spanish and can get you to your goal.

The monthly fee includes one class per week, you can schedule more classes if you want to.

The classes are usually 1 hour long, but this can be adjusted based on your child’s needs.

Yes, you can change the day or time of your class as long as you provide at least 24 hours notice.

You can make a payment online via credit card, or PayPal.

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