"I am so impressed with the interactive reading lessons we found through this service - my child's reading skills have improved tremendously, and I'm grateful for the engaging and personalized approach to learning."


"My child understands what she is reading much better now."


"This is the type of learning I want for my child."

Interactive lessons
for better reading.

For only $15 XCD, get as many interactive lessons in
Phonics, Spelling, Sounds, and Reading Comprehension for your child as they need with no additional costs.

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Here's what you get

200+ lessons in Sounds and Phonics

200+ lessons in writing practice

Reading Assessments

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Get better at reading in 3 easy steps. No installation required

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Click on Virtual Classroom

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Log-in to our reading classes

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That’s it! You can now select a star,  which is a type of lesson you or your child wants to begin with.

Frequently Asked Questions

The entire program is $15 XCD per month. No extra fees involved. You can enroll online or at the Manning High School.

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You will gain access to your ainteractive lessons on the same day as your payment.

The classes are all on our website. You can access them through your Jaguar Jumpstart account which we will set up for you at no additional cost.

The classes are provided by experienced and qualified tutors who have invested time and resources to create the 400+ interactive lessons loved by so many children. By paying for the classes, you are investing in your child’s education and future success in reading, reading comprehension, and literacy.

We have the necessary lessons to tailor the learning to your child’s specific needs. We encourage you to start with the easiest lessons first.

No. These are not 1-on-1 classes. You are getting access to interactive lessons.

Yes, Every time your child finishes a lesson, you will see what has been completed at how well it was done.

If your child needs additional support, we offer the option to add on 1-on-1 tutoring at an additional cost.

We offer a registration fee waiver for parents enrolling within a pre-defined timeframe, please check our website for more information.

You can complete the enrollment online via credit card, Bank transfer, PayPal or through one of our payment locations. Check for your closest payment location here.